Cliff jumping in UK: the best spots

Cliff jumping can give you a wonderful adrenaline rush and is a sport that is guaranteed to test your limits. There are some great places in the UK for those interesting in jumping. Discover a selection of the best spots where you can make the most of this exciting sport!

Port Gaverne, North Cornwall

If the thought of jumping off high cliffs in beautiful places interests you, Port Gaverne should not be missed. You can find it on the North Cornwall coast and location is one that you are unlikely to forget. The steep cliffs that ring this secluded spot form an inlet that can be accessed by walking down the steps. However, the best way to get to the inlet is by jumping off one of the rocks near the heather strewn, craggy promontory. The sheltered cove provides visitors with a glorious view of the surrounding crags and seascape.

Once you are there, you will feel as far away from the bustle of urban living as possible. It can be said that one of the best things about cliff jumping is that it motivates you to discover and enjoy some of the most beautiful lagoons, quarries and seascapes in the world; such as Port Gaverne. So if you are thinking of visiting, do consider taking your friends along with you as it is a wonderful place to spend some quality time in after your thrilling jumps.

Goldiggins Quarry, Bodmin Moor

Sometimes the most beautiful places in the world are the ones that are the most difficult to reach. Goldiggins Quarry was once a place where people searched for gold. At present, nature has reclaimed this beautiful spot and transformed it into one of the most beautiful quarry lakes in the UK. There are flat ledges for jumping into the lake and the views are spectacular. Fed from natural springs, the lake waters are clear, clean and will enable you to thoroughly enjoy a leisurely swim once you complete your thrilling jumps. If swimming is not something you enjoy, you can simply sit back and soak in the stunning landscape around you.

You can sunbathe on the grass, enjoy a picnic with your friends and feel revived. The quarry is located in the open moors but is very well hidden. If you wish to visit it, follow the vehicle track leading north from the Hurlers car park and walk past the stone circle. Bear left at the junction and the quarry can be found by walking approximately half a mile. It must be noted that the fact that it’s difficult to find lends a certain elusive mystery to this particular quarry. So if you get lost on the way, remember that once you see the quiet waters of the quarry reflecting the blue sky above you, the difficulty you faced in actually finding the place will be completely worth it.

Perthshire, Aberfeldy

There are times you need to take a day off from your busy schedule and create an experience that you will never forget. The deep gorge in Perthshire is a wonderful spot to spend a day in and the lagoon enables jumpers to jump from different heights. The highest jump is not for amateurs as it’s over 20 meters high. However, there are plenty of jumps that can be enjoyed by people who are trying the sport out for the first time. The gorge is tranquil and beautiful and you will feel your cares just melting away as you lie back and revive after your exciting jumps.

In addition to jumping, this region in Perthshire offers some wonderful opportunities for an adventure sports enthusiast to have an unforgettable experience. For instance, there is a rock chute that you can slide down that carries you into a natural plunge pool as well as opportunities for white water rafting; rock climbing and swimming. The entire experience is guaranteed to give you an exhilarating rush and it’s a great spot to enjoy a day with your friends.

Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy

If your school or work commitments are causing you stress, treat yourself to an amazing experience by visiting the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy. This stunning spot is located in Pembrokeshire in Wales. The lagoon was once a slate quarry into which the sea has broken in and created a beautiful turquoise swimming pool. The spot is ringed with mountains on three sides with one side open to the immense sea. This place provides a fantastic opportunity for cliff jumpers as it offers spectacular views and good locations for jumping.

It is also a great place to soak in the summer sun and have a picnic on the small beach nearby. The fact that this is a great spot for the sport is widely recognised by experts and it’s not surprising that the Cliff Diving World Series held by Red Bull chose the Blue Lagoon as a venue for their competition. Experienced cliff jumpers from all over the world visited the quiet Welsh hamlet for the competition and jumped off a 27 meter platform. While somersaulting into the waters of the lagoon may not be the best option for amateur jumpers, this spot should not be missed if you are serious about jumping in the best locations.

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