Destinations That Every Water Sports Enthusiast Should Visit

Surfing, swimming, and rafting are just some of the amazing activities that water sports enthusiasts enjoy. But the main ingredient to have fun in this way is to have a large body of water where you can do all of those things. Just like sports betting sites help you out and tell you which team is more likely to win, we have compiled some of the best locations to help you pick your next vacation destination. These are the places that support the exciting water hobbies you enjoy, so definitely pay them a visit. 

Brandenburg – Germany

For those who love canoeing and kayaking, Brandenburg will be an unforgettable trip. There are numerous water trails for both canoeing and kayaking that you can use to enjoy your favorite activities all while exploring this amazing city and Germany. You can also sign up for sailing and rowing tours that can take to big cities like Berlin. In addition to the water trails, you can find multiple sports centers dedicated to water sports, as well as nature reserves where you can camp. 

Nanwan – Taiwan

Nanwan is one of the most popular beaches on the southern shoreline of Taiwan, and as such, it is brimming with sports facilities. Here you will find amazing surfing conditions on the right coast, whereas if you like kayaking, snorkeling and jet skiing you can spend your time on the left side. The best time to visit is between April and July if you like fishing because at that time locals all participate in the milkfish season, so you will have the opportunity to learn some Taiwanese fishing techniques.   

Friesland – The Netherlands

There are so many, waterways and lakes in Friesland that water sports enthusiasts will have a time of their life here. Here you will have access to the longest island lake chain in entire Europe, and you’ll be able to do kitesurfing, kayaking, bodyboarding, and all sorts of exciting things. You might even want to spend time in a luxurious but cozy De Bank Hotel as you will have an amazing view as well as the access to multiple water sports facilities that are part of the hotel.  

Montargil – Portugal

The place is famous because of the iconic Montargil dam, which was constructed in order to irrigate the Sorraia Valley. However, it beckoned water sports fans from across the globe and became one of the main tourist attractions in Portugal. Here you can rent jet-skies, bodyboards, and kayaks from almost any club or hotel surrounding the dam. Furthermore, people love to come here and observe the wildlife, since the dam was turned into a nature reserve. So, if you love watching animals in their natural habitat make sure you book a room between June and September.  

New Braunfels – The United States

The Comal River is the shortest river in the world and it is located in its entirety within the borders of New Braunfels city. The river is the focal point of this Texas town and their tourism income is one of the main pillars of the economy here. As a result, the town is teeming with water sports facilities, and tubing is one of the favorite activities among the tourists here. Basically, you rent a tube and float on the river.