Most Popular Water Sports to Bet on – A Great Alternative

Watersports are not nearly as popular as football, basketball or even polo, in some countries. They are, however, very popular in the betting world, with people genuinely taking their time to study the said sports and earn some money. Others take their time because they love watersports and enjoy spending time watching them, live or otherwise.

If you want to take a bet on a watersport, here are some options to consider.

Water Polo

This is without a doubt one of the most popular water sports you can bet on. The off seasons and years when the world cup and the Olympics are not taking place can be difficult for the occasional bettor. Those more familiar with online sports betting will find that there are exceptional sites with great promotions and bonuses you can use to bet on water polo, even during the calmer years.

Every 4 years, you have the Olympic games, which feature water polo matches. Every 2 years in between the Olympics, the world cup takes place and you are awarded with multiple lucrative betting opportunities.


This might not sound like something you can bet on, but believe it or not, surfing has a very large fan base, especially in coastal towns and places, overall. They tend to place their bets on their favorite surfers, especially during the WSL Men’s and Women’s Championship tours. These take place every year and have ever since 1976. These are also great for betting live, as the surfing championships are very fun to watch. Surfing by itself is a fun activity, let alone one for punters.


Swimming is also a sport which is very popular, especially during the Olympics. Many sportsbooks are surely to have swimming as an option during that time. There are plenty of other swimming championships that attract sportsbooks and bettors alike, such as the European Aquatics Championship. There is also the FINA World Swimming Championship, as well as the Para-Swimming Championship. The betting options are endless, once you familiarize yourself with the sport and the many championships it has.


This might be an odd one but is regardless a very popular choice. Sailing races are aplenty throughout the year, but there are many championships, and those governed by the World Sailing organization can get racers into the Summer Olympics. Many of those take place during the years leading to the Olympics and they get the racers points for the Olympics. Once again, the Olympics are the center of attention for many bettors and sportsbooks, when it comes to sailing, as well as other watersports.


Rowing is also popular, during the Olympics, as one would guess. In the years leading to the Olympics, the World Rowing Championship takes place in the northern hemisphere and lasts for a week. These races are the highlight of the rowing year and likewise attract sportsbooks and punters. The championships have been held annually since 1974, the prior championships taking place in 1970, 1966 and 1962.

Sport Diving

This is a very interesting and novel sport. Not even 20 years old, and it is attracting bettors from everywhere. The sport involves various races, individual and team ones, as well as obstacle courses and lifting a 6-kilogram weight off a swimming pool floor. These races and world championships are governed by the CMAS Sports Committee.

These watersports will have you thrilled, especially the more high-paced ones. Once you get the basics of surfing and sailing or rowing, you can surely enjoy them as much as the punters do. Other niche watersports are also available, yet with water polo and swimming, you cannot run out of betting options.

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