‘Raft’ – The Perfect Game for Rafting Lovers

Sometimes, when things are not exactly as they should be, we are unable to go out and enjoy a nice family vacation next to a big body of water. So, we stay in, where it’s safe. Some people catch up on their books, others read articles online like Як читати коефіцієнти ставок, and there are those that turn to video games. Well, here’s Raft, a game available on Steam.

What Is It?

Raft is an exploration game. The players find themselves on a small raft armed with a hook made of plastic and their witts. It is their job to navigate the seemingly endless sea in search of resources, building materials, and ways of surviving the tropical climate. They will battle hunger, thirst, and man-eating ocean life.

There is something about the thrill of trying to aim your hook to catch that crate or chase away the seagull that’s been eating your food. Players may experience a few jumpscares when a shark tries to eat them or take their raft apart. It is then up to them to dive in and teach the shark who the apex predator is.


This can be a single-player game, but it’s much more fun to pair up with a buddy to take on the challenges. It’s not just an online co-op, this game features online PvP, meaning that your raft and resources are not safe from other players while you go exploring the mysterious islands. There are 89 achievements at the time of writing and your progress can be saved in the cloud. What’s more, you can play from either a computer or a tablet.

You are not limited to the surface when you go exploring. You can drop the anchor and dive deep in search of debris you can use or more resources. You also learn how to craft the tools necessary for survival.

What Do I Need?

The game is available for Windows 7 and up with a 64-bit operating system. While you can play the game with a dual-core and 4 GB of RAM, it’s much better to have something with more processing power.

A stable broadband connection is a must, of course. At the time of writing, Raft costs about 20 euros.

Anything Else?

Yes. Despite it going live in 2018, Raft is still an early-access game. This means that, as time passes, there may be major changes. However, the public seems to welcome the updates so far and we have two episodes available. The reviews for the game are very positive and it’s a perfect casual game for when you are stuck at home.